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Your Pages is exactly as the name implies...pages that you've created, either purposefully, like scoring wines or saving wines to lists, or indirectly, like when WineScores make recommendations for you based on the wines that you've rated and you like.

Wines you've rated

​We encourage you to rate wines as you browse through this website.
The more wines that you rate, the better our recommendations will be. That's because every time you rate a wine (score it 1-5 stars) WineScores dissect its flavour and aromatic profile, the winemaking style and its weight or body. As you rate more and more wines, we can start to determine what flavour profiles and styles you prefer and begin to make recommendations based on your preferences.
If you've tried a wine, rate it by scoring the wine 1-5 stars on the individual review.

It really is as simple as that. 

The more wines that you rate, the more wines we can recommend.

Get started by rating some wines (scoring them 1-5 stars) here


Recommended for you

WineScores can begin recommending wines for you to try as soon as we know what you like in a wine. We don't want you to describe the wines you like as, "oh, I like big reds" or "I hate sweet wines". Instead, tell us what wines you actually like. If we know what wines you like, we can dissect what it is those wines have in common and then recommend wines that are similar.

And don't think that just because you've rated a bunch of Australian Shirazes that we're only going to recommend
more Australian Shiraz. Our recommendations are based on aromatic and flavour profiles as well as winemaking
style and its weight or body.
Don't be surprised to find some big white wines or old world reds in our recommendations for you.


Wine lists you've created.

If you haven't already done so,  try rating some wines from our most recent reviews and begin scoring them between 1-5 stars now!

Then you can begin creating your own lists (see right)...

Have fun!