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10 Tasting Room Tips
Feb 13, 2013

Most people who attend wine tastings do so out of a desire to learn and to enjoy themselves.

In order to do so, here is a little bit of etiquette and 10 simple (but important) tips.


1. DON'T arrive with an empty stomach.

Even if you are spitting, you'll still get a buzz (see #7).

2. DO, come with a plan.wine tasting, tasting room etiquette, Vancouver International Wine Festival International Festival Tasting, tips for tpublic wine tasting, tasting wine

Make a list of wines you would like to taste, the wineries you would really like to visit or the regions you want to discover. 

3. DON'T wear fragrance

of any sort. I know you've heard this before, but really...DON'T!

4. DO engage.

Ask questions. The principals (winemaker or importer) are there for a reason. This is a good opportunity to learn. But don't monopolize the table or the principal - other people are waiting their turn.

5. DON'T be a douche.

A little information can be a dangerous thing (especially when it's misinformation). Use your knowledge wisely if asking questions, but don't be afraid to ask questions to expand your knowledge.
Don't pretend or assume you know more than the gal tasting next to you, you may very well be wrong and ultimately, you'll look like an idiot. 
Being a douche also means - monopolizing the table (#4), not stepping back out of the way once you've got your sample pour (#6), you and your friends forming a wall around the table, standing in front of the spit bucket (#8) or taking a few laps around your perfume bottle (#3).

6. DO step away from the table.

People are waiting behind you. If not, feel free to linger.

7. Spit.

Purse your lips together and force the wine out of your mouth and into the spit bucket once you've chewed it and swirled it around enough to get a good taste. Practice with water over the sink. Trust me, it will make your evening more enjoyable, you will learn more and you won't get too drunk.
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8. DON'T block the spit bucket 

or stand in front of the spit bucket if, you can avoid it. Buddy behind you wants to use it and may spit on your sleeve.

9. DO take notes.

Just a scratch or a star beside a wine you like will work. Do something to remember the ones you would like to taste again.

10. DO take a taxi home, or walk.

â–ºPlanning on attending the Vancouver International Wine Festival? Check here, for the entire schedule.

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