Your Wine Lists

In addition to rating the wines on the Wine Scores website, you can also create lists to help you keep track of various wines (wines for the cellar, budget wines for parties etc.). You can see your wine lists on this page.

To create a wine list: When looking at a wine review, click on the link "Add this item to my list" at the bottom of the rating. You can then add the wine to one or more lists, or you can create your own list and add wines to it.

Optional, but highly recommended - create a user ID and password. We don't require you to set up a user ID and password to rate wines and create lists, but we suggest that you create a password so if you ever switch computers or clean up your Internet files, your ratings and lists aren't accidentally lost.

To create a password to protect your ratings, suggestions and wine lists: just click on the "Sign in to save your ratings and lists" link at the bottom of any review. Then click the "sign up" button. You will be asked for your email address (that is your user ID) and your password. If you ever forget your password, it can be automatically emailed to you by clicking the "Retrieve password".

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